Thirty plus years ago, there was a water tank at Bell (for fire-fighting purposes) where the current meters are located. This tank was filled via a pipe under the water from the mainland and a tap, with mainland water pressure, was fitted.  A local resident with a water tanker …

The Island Players is an amateur drama group based on Scotland Island, largely made up of a bunch of eccentric individuals who wish to expose their considerable talents to the bear pit of cutting edge criticism that is our discerning that is our discerning off shore theatre audience.

Our manifesto …

As debate rages about what is to be done about our roads, our vehicles and our drainage and erosion problems, I want here not to contribute to the many, often conflicting, but mostly very practical suggestions. Rather I want to reflect on and articulate some of the underlying pictures and

Volume 1, Issue 1; May 2000 Welcome!

Here is your first copy of the Scotland Island Newsletter monthly update. This is not intended to replace the hard copy newsletter you have come to know and love! But it will bring you up to date with all the very latest news …


MARCH 1955

Vol. 1 No. 1


The Scotland Island Progress Association was away to a fine start when just on forty residents turned out for the inaugural meeting held at "Bangalla" on Saturday night January 29th.

Fully appreciating that many residents may have had insufficient