Discussion (Photo Jenny Frazer)The Scotland Island Residents Association Committee (SIRAC) has a number of established subcommittees (also called Working Groups), each with a team leader. Some of the working groups also manage the services provided by SIRA to the community.

Working groups meet on a regular basis and discuss matters that may have been delegated to them by the SIRA committee or are brought up as discussion items from within the working groups or members of the association. Working groups may need to engage with the community to gauge opinion or to understand how strongly the community feels about certain matters.

Any interested islander who is a member of SIRA is welcome to join one or more of the working groups. The involvement and skills of community members help SIRA to provide a more meaningful service, so we encourage everyone to get involved!

SIRA Working Groups
Working GroupTeam LeaderCharterSubjects
Finance and Insurance
Boyd Attewell[wpfilebase tag=file id=65 tpl=simple /]Financial matters, administration and Insurance matters
Island VisionNeelica Raffel[wpfilebase tag=file id=1 tpl=simple /]What is our vision for the Island?
Church PointNeelica Raffel[wpfilebase tag=file id=28 tpl=simple /]Church Point Plan of Management, parking and development of Church Point
Neelica Raffel[wpfilebase tag=file id=9 tpl=simple /]Governance of the association, including decision making, policies and procedures
Roads, Drainage, Traffic and EnvironmentSharon Kinnison[wpfilebase tag=file id=12 tpl=simple /]Improvements and maintenance of roads and drainage, parks and reserves, and vehicle management
Community Engagement and CommunicationsAnne Dennis[wpfilebase tag=file id=15 tpl=simple /]Engagement with the community and communication with all stakeholders
WharvesAlec Beckett[wpfilebase tag=file id=5 tpl=simple /]Improvement and maintenance of island wharves
Waste ManagementColin Haskell [wpfilebase tag=file id=13 tpl=simple /]Rubbish collection and recycling
Water, Wastewater and Emergency WaterColin Haskell [wpfilebase tag=file id=14 tpl=simple /]
[wpfilebase tag=file id=4 tpl=simple /]
Proposed connection to Sydney Water and a main sewerage system, Management of SIRA water system and water sales
Hall Management and HireBarbara Labram[wpfilebase tag=file id=7 tpl=simple /]Management of the Community Hall
Community Vehicle ManagementGraeme Crayford[wpfilebase tag=file id=2 tpl=simple /]
Management of the Community Vehicle

Interested islanders who are members of SIRA can volunteer to join any subcommittee by emailing the team leader. Meetings are usually held at least once every six weeks.

Subcommittee (Working Groups) Contact Details

Boyd Attewell

Photo of Boyd Attewell
Treasurer; Team Leader – Finance & Insurance Sub-committee SIRA Committee

Boyd is an accountant and seeks to bring simplicity and clarity to the association’s financials. He’s happy to receive requests for information and answers.

Alec Foye Beckett

Photo of Alec Foye Beckett
Team Leader – Wharves Working Group

Anne Dennis

Photo of Anne Dennis
Secretary; Team Leader – Community Engagement and Communications Sub-committee SIRA Committee

Anne has lived on the island for ten years with her husband and daughter, who is now away at university.  Before moving back to Australia she lived in the Pacific and Asia, working as a primary school and TESOL teacher. She now does private tutoring, and loves gardening, particularly with native plants.

Colin Haskell

Photo of Colin Haskell
President; Team Leader – Governance Sub-committee; Waste Management Sub-committee; Water and Wastewater Sub-committee; Wharves Sub-committee; Joint Team Leader – Church Point Sub-committee SIRA Committee

Colin is a retired retail executive. For the last 17 years he has owned and managed the Scotland Island Lodge guest house with his wife Rosemary.

Sharon Kinnison

Photo of Sharon Kinnison
Vice President; Team Leader – Roads, Drainage, Traffic and Environment Sub-committee; Joint Team Leader – Church Point Sub-committee SIRA Committee

Sharon, 27 years on the Island, lives one-up near Tennis Wharf. She is a qualified and experienced high school teacher and bush regeneration supervisor. As a Senior Educator at Pittwater Coastal Environment Centre her role included program management, grant writing, project implementation targeting community catchment and sustainability education and catchment monitoring.

Scotland Island Community Hall (Booking Manager)

Photo of Scotland Island Community Hall (Booking Manager)
Contact: Lucy Gregg Phone: 0424 233 674