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A short history

In 1955 Geoff Steen started the first two-page issue of the Scotland Island Progress Association Newsletter. He continued until Ian ‘Bunks’ Carmichael, a senior executive at the ABC, took over for two years before being sent to London by the ABC.

Leicester Warburton replaced Ian and ran the newsletter, by then known as S.I. News, for a staggering 28 years. Under Leicester’s stewardship the readership grew to over 300, with issues, sometimes running to eight pages, distributed door-to-door in hard copy.

In 2000 the very capable and computer-literate Paul Purvis reinvented S.I. News as an online publication. He also renamed it Pittwater Offshore Newsletter so as to embrace the western foreshores. Under Paul the PON grew in both frequency and readership.

In November 2008 Paul handed over to Julian Muir. With Julian’s assiduous nurturing the PON continued to gain new readers.

In April 2021, after some 800 editions, Julian stepped down as editor. Although Roy Baker has taken over the newsletter, Julian continues to support the PON’s and SIRA’s IT needs.

Today the PON has a readership approaching 1,000. The aim is to publish an edition on the first day of each month, with supplementary editions being released as the need arises.

While SIRA supports the PON by providing its internet platform, the newsletter operates independently of SIRA’s editorial control.

Offshore residents are welcome to contribute to the PON. The editor can be reached at editor@scotlandisland.org.au.

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