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In 1955 Geoff Steen started the first two-page issue of the Scotland Island Progress Association Newsletter. He continued until Ian ‘Bunks’ Carmichael, a senior executive at the ABC, took over for two years before being sent to London by the ABC. Leicester Warburton then took over from Ian and kept the newsletter running for some 28 years. It was during this time that Scotland Island News was more conveniently condensed into S.I. News and so it was referred to ever after. Under Leicester’s stewardship the readership grew to over 300 with issues running to 8 pages.

In March 1995 SINEWS celebrated 40 years of publication and continued to run for a couple of years until the very capable and computer literate Paul Purvis felt it was timely to embrace the internet and gather information for all residents of West Pittwater with the introduction of a more contemporary news service with Pittwater Offshore Newsletter (PON). Readership grew and as the service was seen to be so readily available the number of issues increased from the original one per month to roughly one per week.

Some 360 issues and eight years later Paul hung up his keyboard and handed over the editorship to Julian Muir who still maintains the PON to this day.

Readership is now just under 900 and anywhere from 6 to 12 PONs can be issued in any one month depending on the number of notices submitted.

Although the original newsletter was inspired and started as an Scotland Island Residents’ Association newsletter, and despite being hosted through the association’s website, since Paul’s time the PON has been run quite independent of the association.

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