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You can join SIRA by clicking the green button below. This will take you to the SIRA self-service portal where you can sign up, renew or access the self-service functions.

Interested islanders can volunteer to join any subcommittee by emailing the team leader. Read more here.

You can fill out the contact form here, or contact any of the committee members below:

Sue Armstrong

No Photo Available
SIRA Committee Member; Team Leader – Strategy and Vision SIRA Committee

I lived on the island for a year during 2016-2017. When I moved off the island I missed island life and the incredible community we have here. I have recently bought a house on the island, am delighted to be living back here and am keen to ensure that we do everything to preserve this incredibly special place that we are privileged to call home. For work I head up Marketing for a global IT company. In my spare time you will see me undertaking renovations on my house, paddle boarding, kayaking or walking my little puppy, Mr Darcy. I look forward to being part of the island committee.

Boyd Attewell

Photo of Boyd Attewell
Treasurer; Team Leader – Finance & Insurance Sub-committee SIRA Committee

Boyd is an accountant and seeks to bring simplicity and clarity to the association’s financials. He’s happy to receive requests for information and answers.

Fabienne d’Hautefeuille

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Committee Member SIRA Committee

My name is Fabienne. Before you ask, yes I am French. Our family bought a property on the island ten years ago and we finally made it here in January, 2018 now that our children are old enough to be at school.  I am from a rural background and love that natural aspect of Scotland Island.  My work revolves around hydrogeology or groundwater resources management if you prefer. When I get some time, I love baking, cooking and throwing pots and bowls (ceramics).

Anne Dennis

Photo of Anne Dennis
Secretary; Team Leader – Community Engagement and Communications Sub-committee SIRA Committee

Anne has lived on the island for ten years with her husband and daughter, who is now away at university.  Before moving back to Australia she lived in the Pacific and Asia, working as a primary school and TESOL teacher. She now does private tutoring, and loves gardening, particularly with native plants.

Nadja Fisher

Photo of Nadja Fisher
Committee Member SIRA Committee

In March 2017, I moved to the island with my husband and three kids – undoubtedly the best move ever! I grew up in Switzerland and New Zealand and have moved between the two numerous times. After teaching English and German as a Second Language for many years, I now freelance as an editor and translator. I enjoy unsuccessfully circumnavigating cultural faux pas, baking inedible cakes and falling asleep before the opening credits of a film. As a SIRA member, I want to contribute to island life by bringing the newbie-but-eager-to-learn, family-with-smallish-children perspective to this merry round of island residents.

Colin Haskell

Photo of Colin Haskell
President; Team Leader – Governance Sub-committee; Waste Management Sub-committee; Water and Wastewater Sub-committee; Wharves Sub-committee; Joint Team Leader – Church Point Sub-committee SIRA Committee

Colin is a retired retail executive. For the last 17 years he has owned and managed the Scotland Island Lodge guest house with his wife Rosemary.

Sharon Kinnison

Photo of Sharon Kinnison
Vice President; Team Leader – Roads, Drainage, Traffic and Environment Sub-committee; Joint Team Leader – Church Point Sub-committee SIRA Committee

Sharon, 27 years on the Island, lives one-up near Tennis Wharf. She is a qualified and experienced high school teacher and bush regeneration supervisor. As a Senior Educator at Pittwater Coastal Environment Centre her role included program management, grant writing, project implementation targeting community catchment and sustainability education and catchment monitoring.

Shane O’Neill

Photo of Shane O’Neill
SIRA Committee Member SIRA Committee

I am a long-term resident of the Northern Beaches, and moved to Scotland Island in 2016 with my partner, Natalie and my three kids – the best move since I moved to Australia from Ireland on a tall ship in 1988. I have been a photographer for over 25 years, with a studio in Mona Vale, servicing the corporate market in photography and video production, Australia-wide. I have a love for the ocean, nature, good food and red wine.

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