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You can join SIRA by clicking the green button below. This will take you to the SIRA self-service portal where you can sign up, renew or access the self-service functions.

Interested islanders can volunteer to join any subcommittee by emailing the team leader. Read more here.

You can fill out the contact form here, or contact any of the committee members below:

Boyd Attewell

Photo of Boyd Attewell
SIRA Committee

Boyd is an accountant and seeks to bring simplicity and clarity to the association’s financials. He’s happy to receive requests for information and answers.

Madeleine Bandfield

No Photo Available

Julie Velina Cooper

No Photo Available
SIRA Treasurer, Finance and Insurance team leader

Basil Daher

No Photo Available

Carol Beth Floyd

No Photo Available
SIRA Vice President; Communications Leader

Emma Harvey

No Photo Available

Colin Haskell

Photo of Colin Haskell
Vice President, Team Leader – Water and Wastewater Sub-committee SIRA Committee

Colin is a retired retail executive. For the last 17 years he has owned and managed the Scotland Island Lodge guest house with his wife Rosemary.

Robyn Iredale

No Photo Available
SIRA President, Community Engagement & Recreation, Halls team leader

Sharon Kinnison

Photo of Sharon Kinnison
Team Leader – Roads, Drainage, Traffic and Environment Sub-committee SIRA Committee

Sharon, 27 years on the Island, lives one-up near Tennis Wharf. She is a qualified and experienced high school teacher and bush regeneration supervisor. As a Senior Educator at Pittwater Coastal Environment Centre her role included program management, grant writing, project implementation targeting community catchment and sustainability education and catchment monitoring.

Julie Paterson

No Photo Available

Julie Torney

No Photo Available

Ian White

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Joint Team Leader – Church Point Sub-committee, Waste Sub-committee leader, Community Vehicle Liaison

Deb Woods

No Photo Available
SIRA Secretary

When you receive your invoice via email, click on the link in the email (‘Pay Now’). This will open a web page which will offer you the online payment methods. Read the comprehensive online payments guide.

Visa, Mastercard and American Express. You don’t need to pay a processing fee. Cost to SIRA are the same for each card brand, so feel free to choose your favourite card.

Call your water monitor who will process the booking for you.