Water Flowing from StandpipeThe provision of Emergency Non-potable Water is an essential service that SIRA provides to the community and comes with some risk. SIRA members share joint responsibility for the waterline and water bookings will only be accepted from SIRA members who have completed and signed the Agreement for Sale of Non-Potable Water from within the water booking app.

Contact your Water Monitor if you are not able to use the water booking app (you will need to be a SIRA member and sign a paper based agreement).

To become a current SIRA member and login to the water booking app:

Read about the history of this vital service to the island.

Water Lines and Monitors

LineLocationsOperationWater Monitor
1Bell, via Carol’s,
Eastern to Pathilda Reserve
Nikki Gibson
2Bell, via Cargo, Tennis to
Pathilda Reserve
Tuesday (Day)
Ian Laughton-Smith
3Bell, via Top of
Island to Kevin Street
Tuesday (Night)
Jay Savage

View the water lines map (click the map to enlarge)

Contact details Water Monitors

Emergency Water Monitor – Line 1

Photo of Emergency Water Monitor – Line 1
Contact: Nikki Gibson Mobile: 0425 227 792

Emergency Water Monitor – Line 2

Photo of Emergency Water Monitor – Line 2
Contact: Ian Laughton-Smith Mobile: 0404 833 674

Emergency Water Monitor – Line 3

Photo of Emergency Water Monitor – Line 3
Contact: Jay Savage Phone: 0412 475 969

How to book

  • Before booking: complete or renew your SIRA Membership (Sira.org.au)
  • Log-on to the water booking app via Sira.org.au and if necessary, sign the Agreement, from within the app.
  • Do not wait until your tank is low or empty!
  • Cancellations: a minimum 24 hours cancellation notice is required or late cancellation fee of $10.00 will be charged, plus any water metered during booking period
  1. Log in to the water booking app via Sira.org.au and create your booking online.
  2. You will receive a confirmation email with your booking details.
  3. You will receive a reminder email 30 hours before the booking and 1 hour before the booking. The reminder will include details of who has a booking before and after you.
Only if you are not able to make an online booking:

  1. Telephone your Monitor between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. only, with the following information:
  1. Your name, address and telephone number
  2. Your tank capacity in litres
  3. Your preferred booking time and number of hours required
  1. Ask for name and telephone number of bookings before and after; make contact to confirm
  2. Phone to confirm booking 24 hours before allocated time and check any booking changes handover

(You will receive all confirmations, reminders, invoices and receipts via email)

Main Valve Line 2 at BellMain Valves Lines 1 and 3 at Bell

How to get water

  1. Take meter readings at start and finish of booking from correct line meter. If these meter readings are not taken, then readings reported by other bookings must be accepted.
  2. Close off the main line valve past your standpipe to block water and maximise flow into your tank.
  3. Turn on your standpipe valve and check that water is flowing into your tank. Allow at least 15 – 20 minutes for line to charge in some areas.
  4. If there is no flow, walk the main line and check all valves to locate any problems or leaks.
  5. Important: any problems or leaks turn off the main line valve at Bell and advise monitor
  6. Check collection regularly as water metered during booking period is your responsibility.
  7. When your booking is completed turn off your standpipe valve, open up main line valve, disconnect your fitting and take final reading at Bell from the correct meter.
  8. Advise meter readings to your monitor within 24 hours to calculate litres and charge.

Main Line Valve at Standpipe Off PositionStandpipe in Open PositionMain Line Junction with ValvesMain Line Valve at Standpipe Off Position

Location of water meters

  • First time users should locate and walk their line prior to booking – ask your neighbour!
  • Lines 1, 2 and 3 are individually metered and are located on platform under cage at the top of Bell Wharf steps
  • Main line valves are positioned on either side of platform and identified by numbered white reflector posts. Lines 1 and 3 towards Carol’s Wharf to the left of platform and Line 2 towards Cargo Wharf to the right of steps

Water Meters at BellMain Lines at Bell

How to connect

A complying connection to all main line standpipes is required as follows:

  • 1 x 40mm (1½ inch) poly BSP female fitting (nut & tail) plus male fitting (barbed tail)
  • 1 x meter braided clear polyurethane flexible pipe (food grade)
  • 2 x stainless steel clamps for each end
  • 1 x plug to keep the pipe clean and prevent the washer from falling out of ‘nut & tail’
  • flexible pipe for a clear view of water flow, more easily managed attachment to and from standpipe and reduced strain on standpipe when turning valve on and off
  • individual fittings to connect to your existing pipe system, as required
  • recommended: upgrade the existing pipe to your tank to 40mm to maximise flow

For connection to be assembled ready for use call Cass Gye, or  obtain fittings from: Gainforts Plumbing and Electrical, Darley Street, Mona Vale.

Complying Connection

Complying Fitting Connected to Standpipe


  • If you are having problems, reset all valves and turn off Main Line valve at Bell
  • Ring your monitor immediately to notify any problems, breaks or leaks
  • Contact the next booking to advise water is turned off

Note: Repairs to the Main Line or standpipes will be actioned as soon as possible after inspection.

Remember you are responsible!

  • If water is lost for any reason during booking period, check your flow.
  •  If you finish early make contact with next person or turn off Main Line valve at Bell
  • When booking is finished, reset all valves to make line ready for next booking
  • Disconnect fitting from your standpipe immediately after booking
  • Ensure connections to standpipes comply as described

Charges and conditions

  • S.I.R.A. water charge: $5 per 1,000 litres
  • Online Booking fee: $5 per booking
  • Booking fee for bookings via Water Monitor: $15 per booking
  • Urgent Booking fee: $30. If your tank is empty or near empty and you make an urgent call to your water monitor, they may be able to rearrange existing bookings so that you can have a small emergency quantity of water. The booking fee in this situation is $30 to cover extra time and costs.
  • Invoices will be sent by email – receipts will be sent by email after the payment has been processed.
  • Payment must be received within 7 days
  • Late fee of $10 applies to overdue payments
  • Outstanding accounts: bookings will not be accepted and/or pre-payment will be required
  • Cancellations: a minimum 24 hours cancellation notice is required or a late cancellation fee of $10 will be charged, plus any water metered during booking period. Cancellation can be done via the water booking app.

How to pay

Click on the link in the invoice you received or log in to the water booking app via sira.org.au and pay.

  • Pay with credit card
  • Pay with Poli Internet Transfer (Electronic transfer straight from your account)
  • Pay with PayPal (With the possibility to set up direct debit from your account)

By exception, the following methods may be accepted by Water Monitors at their discretion.

  • By cash –  to be made in person to your Water Monitor DO NOT SEND CASH BY MAIL

Important notice

Monitors work hard to keep you happy. Your understanding, civility and prompt payment is appreciated.
Monitors reserve the right to refuse bookings to any resident who is uncooperative and/or abusive.
Any resident found ‘taxing’ the water line will be ‘tagged’ as a problem source on that line. Remember to always switch off your tap and disconnect your hose at your standpipe at the completion of your booking.

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