Island Thinking

This group is not currently active. If you would like to reactivate it or re-invent it, please do – and let us know so we can update this page. 

Island Thinking

Function: Noun; Usage: Colloquial; Etymology: Pittwater 21st C

  1. The state of mind of inhabitants of isolated paradise environments: Liable to be at variance with normal paradigms.
  2. Simple enjoyment of one’s environment.
  3. An assembly of offshore residents enjoying each other’s company.

Every offshore resident is an interesting, slightly unusual person. That’s why they are not living on the mainland.

Island Thinking is a way of finding out about each other. The format is simple – someone volunteers to present something that is important to them, something that has been a life passion or pursuit. It may be an art, a craft, a philosophy or a profession. In this way we get to know those with whom we live in this unusual community. All presentations are free-form and the audience is guaranteed to be attentive and kind.

Over the years we’ve heard from academics, mothers, artists, lawyers, writers, musicians, children and many more. The subject matter is always interesting but the real discovery is about each other.

Previous Island Thinking events

  • ‘Living an activist life’ by Dr Ariel Salleh, editor of the book Eco-Sufficiency & Global Justice
  • ‘Religious tradition and philosophy and expressions in music, art and poetry’ by Nila Chambers
  • ‘Storytime’: readings by island humourists, poets, storytellers and novelists
  • ‘Understanding Bodhasara’: Book launch and talk by author Dr Jennifer Cover
  • ‘Local warming’: climate change and Scotland Island by Dr Karl Mallon
  • ‘Island nation’: talk about our sense of nation by Roy Baker
  • ‘Reputation on an island’: the third-person effect by Roy Baker
  • ‘Use your brain for a change’: a challenge by Bill Gye