Welcome Bienvenue Welkom Добродошли Herzlich willkommen добро пожаловать Bienvenido Bem vinda to Scotland Island

Thinking of making the move to Scotland Island? Perhaps you have already moved here, and have more than a handful of questions. This is for you!

Welcome to Scotland Island. They say you’re an islander in 2’s. You’ll last 2 weeks (the carrying groceries has finished you off), 2 months (maybe the winter, the parking or the mossies got too much) or you tick past 2 years – meaning you’re staying.

They also say you’re an islander once you’ve fallen in to the Pittwater.

What you will find is that when you move, you’re not living in your house for a good 1/2 a decade at least! “Oh, so you’re in so and so’s house. Okay.”

You probably have a thousand questions into the logistics of island or offshore life. You’ve found this website, so you’re already on your way to getting some answers, and this section should help you out a little bit more. To help though, the most important thing to know is that no matter your questions, just know that around 1000 other people are already doing it, day to day. So no matter the question, just take comfort in the knowledge that there is an answer – and even if there isn’t, a way can be created.

SIRA (the Scotland Island Residents Association) occasionally holds a newcomer’s welcome morning tea. As part of this event, information sessions are held to give residents a chance to learn and discuss all sorts of information. Please click here to view the accompanying PowerPoint presentation.