How it works

  • Recycling — paper and bottles/containers, placed in separate plastic crates — is collected from the roadside adjacent to each household on Monday mornings.
  • No recycling is collected from private or public wharves.
  • Regarding e-waste recycling, refer to the Council’s website.

Please collect empty recycling crates from roadside as soon as possible.

Where does it all go?

Recyclables from the roadside collection are kept separate from general garbage. These materials are transported to the Belrose Waste Facility which acts as a transfer station before being taken to a Materials Recovery Facility for sorting where contaminants are removed. Paper and aluminum cans are bundled together for shipping to commercial recycling companies or overseas where they are turned into new products.

Tips on eliminating waste

  • Avoid purchasing products which use excessive packaging.
  • Re-use containers when possible.
  • Repair broken items instead of discarding and replacing them.
  • Use your own shopping bags to avoid using plastic bags.
  • Compose your food scraps.
  • Mulch with newspaper or leaf litter and allow grass clippings to break down on your lawn.