For thirty thousand years, the indigenous Guringai people have been creating art, weaving their Dreamtime stories, and performing music along the shores of Broken Bay and Pittwater. Their ancient stories are etched on rock platforms and lyre birds dance and sing their songs, while the spotted gum trees whisper their secrets throughout the national park.

Since European settlement began 200 years ago when freed convict Andrew Thompson built his house on the island and named it Scotland Island after his homeland, many artists, writers, film-makers and musicians have been drawn to live in this secluded paradise.

All draw deeply from its energy and beauty. Many find inspiration, others are healed and some find family. Individually, some have created nationally acclaimed artworks, while others create for the pure joy of self-expression.

Offshore Arts Pittwater, previously called Island H’Arts, is a group of island and offshore artists who organise exhibitions and other art events.

Previous events have included Watermarks Open studio events where people could visit 16 artists’ studios and view the work of 40 artists, including celebrated printmakers, painters, iconographers, writers, sculptors, performing artists and filmmakers.

The artists also ran a very successful gallery at Church Point called the ‘Gone Fishing Gallery’ under the directorship of Paul Smith. Books were launched, and music and performances brought all aspects of the creative community together.

Other events have included regular performances at the Waterfront Café by our many talented musicians, festival and fair days, lantern parades, exhibitions and much more. To find out what’s coming up check out the calendar.

For more information about our Offshore Arts Group contact:

Offshore Arts Group

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Contact: Tracy Smith Phone: 02 9997 4875 Mobile: 0416800040