A variety of issues can arise when living on an island. Island life should not mean an inferior lifestyle and we continually strive to better our surrounds as a community.

Northern Beaches Council has a duty to apply reasonable standards to the amenities and services they provide to us, just as they do for other ratepayers in the Council area. Likewise, other service providers are required to maintain their services at a reasonable standard, regardless of our location. If you are not happy with the standard of a facility or service, be sure to report it to the appropriate body. Frequent reports can make all the difference.

Please use these links to help easily report island related issues to the relevant bodies. To better help the issue being resolved, please take a photo for supporting evidence and submit this with your report. Also note the exact location and time of the issue.

For emergency or dangerous issues requiring immediate response from council, call the council hotline. These include issues such as no available parking available at Church Point.

Northern Beaches Council Hotline: 1300 434 434 – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For all medical, fire or police matters, please always call 000. Do not contact a first respondent directly.