Since its inception in 1955, the Scotland Island Rural Fire Brigade has been the proud provider of fire fighting capability on Scotland Island and beyond.

Scotland Island is a community surrounded by tall trees, and in dry conditions the island is susceptible to fire risk. Because of this, our fire brigade is a valued and indispensable part of our community. The fire brigade runs fund-raising activities such as fireshed dinners, and the fire station is a favourite venue for various other activities.

In 2013 the Community Fire Unit (CFU) was founded. The CFU has around 20 members: women and men from Scotland Island who have received fire awareness and basic fire fighting training. They are available to help with property protection or to assist with patrolling and extinguishing spot fires during a major emergency such as a fire in the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park.

In 2011 our brigade started its Community First Responders (CFR) program. Our CFRs respond to around 35 calls each year, attending to medical emergencies and in some cases evacuations off the island.

Our fire fighters are all volunteers, and new volunteers are always welcome. Click here to sign up as a member.

If you feel unable to become an operative member of the brigade, you can still join as  a brigade supporter (social member). There are many opportunities to help with fundraising or to lend a hand in other ways.

SIRFB – Scotland Island Rural Fire Brigade

Photo of SIRFB – Scotland Island Rural Fire Brigade
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