Box Divvy: a Food Hub with delivery on Wednesdays

  • Cut Your Food Bill in Half.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint by 90%
  • Join a Food Community changing the way the food system works

Learn more… ‘Scotland Island Join Box Divvy Pittwater‘.

Box Divvy, a Social Enterprise, supports local growers and Australian food manufacturers. Join Box Divvy Pittwater (Scotland Island) and get your fresh groceries priced 30-40% lower than supermarkets.

It’s a Wednesday delivery so join the Pittwater delivery at

Your Hubster is Nikki. Contact her on 0425 227792 for more information on how to join.

HOW IT WORKS: Two parts.

1. Starting Order (must have) 8-10 items you can take out up to three. Amount based on household size. Items based on group weekly Wish List Vote. Cost typically $20-$35.

2. Want more? Opt In. SPLITS (Let’s split a box). You suggest a box or join someone else’s box. When sold goes into your order.

It’s OPT OUT so you can suspend orders before order cycle starts.

Hope you’ll join us on this journey to change the food system.

Box Divvy

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Contact: Amelia Phone: 0425 227 792 Website: Box Divvy Website: Box Divvy Scotland Island Hub

Box Divvy: a Food Hub with delivery on Wednesdays
Cut Your Food Bill in Half.

Join our Food Community, Box Divvy a Social Enterprise, supporting local growers and Australian food manufacturers. Join Box Divvy Scotland Island and get your fresh groceries 30-40% less than supermarkets.

Delivery on Wednesdays.

Join up at, or the direct link to join Scotland Island Hub is

Your hubster is Nikki. Contact her on 0425 227792 for more information on how to join.


Bundlfresh is a Mona Vale based business that allows you to grocery shop from other Northern Beaches businesses.

They have butchers, bakers, delis, green grocers and other smaller specialty products available on the site. Well-known suppliers include:

  • Devitt’s Wholesale Meats in Narrabeen
  • Mrs Jones the Baker in Freshwater
  • Northern Beaches Greengrocer
  • Quattro Formaggi Deli at Warringah Mall.

Orders can be placed up until 11 pm the night before and then it will be picked up from each business, packed in Mona Vale and delivered to Church Point commuter wharf the next day. Deliveries are available from Monday to Saturday in four different timeslots (12pm – 2pm, 2pm – 4pm, 4pm – 6pm and 6pm – 8pm) with a 5-minute slot texted to each customer.

 If you’re interested, please email their Community Manager – James Trickey – or check them out here –


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Contact: James Trickey Home 77 – 79 Bassett St Mona Vale New South Wales Australia Mobile: 0433328779 Website: Bundlfresh

How it works

Quite simply, you can buy whatever you like from multiple vendors and combine into a single order and delivery. There is no better and easier way to shop for quality local food.

Our Story ….so far

Bundlfresh was launched in early 2019 with a handful of local Northern Beaches food businesses. Since this time, it is has delivered more than 200,000 local vendor orders to thousands of local households. In July 2022 we launched a new community of food businesses from Sydney’s North Shore. Opening the service up to nearly 200 suburbs in the North of Sydney.

Our Mission

We love our community and we love fresh food. We also understand that it’s not always convenient to get to your favourite butcher, baker or Kombucha maker and that’s why we have designed an online platform bringing the best fresh foods that local vendors have to offer – All delivered to your door step in one bundle!

The Real Heroes

Our local business partners are the unsung heroes of our community.

Family owned and working hard to produce and procure incredible local food offers. Our communities and neighbourhoods are more interesting and connected by their presence.

Save Time

Life is busy.

So we are here to help with the daily grind of hitting the shops and battling with parking and traffic by keeping it really simple. We deliver every day except Sunday and if you get your order in before 11pm we will deliver to you the very next day. Let us do the running around so that you don’t have to.


It is important to us as locals to add value to our community.

It is our strong belief that we have a responsibility to the communities we are part of, as well as to our planet to reduce plastic packaging wherever possible. It is our pledge to you that we will endeavour to keep any packaging to an absolute minimum and work with all our partners at finding lower impact ways to serve our community. We understand that everything we do has a health, environmental and social impact.

Thanks for stopping by to check us out!


If you have a subscription to a newspaper (Sydney Morning Herald or The Australian) at a Scotland Island address, the morning ferry will deliver the papers to your closest wharf; you can collect them there.

If you have a delivery service you would like to add, please request a listing via the form on the Directory Page.