Bi-annual Clean Up (Photo June Lahm)

Twice a year, there is an island clean up which gives residents a chance to get rid of bigger items that are not suitable for the weekly garbage collection. Collections will be made only from the roadside: please do not place materials at public wharves.

How it works

  • Materials are to be put out only during the weekend prior to the collection week.
  • Material put out later than the Monday of the collection week will not be collected.
  • The total quantity per household should not to exceed 3 cubic metres (3m x 1m x 1m).

Acceptable items

  • Appliances such as stoves and fridges — remove doors; frames with glass removed — break glass into newspaper, wrap securely and put in household garbage.
  • Paint tins and fuel containers — with the lid off and no liquid.
  • Manageable quantities of delivery pallets, wooden stairs, decking, gates, fencing, guttering, down piping, iron sheets and water tanks — cut down to 1.2 metre lengths and able to be lifted by one person; nails must not stick out — please hammer down; hot water systems — emptied.
  • Metals are acceptable but are to be kept separate, where possible, to be taken to Kimbriki Recycling & Waste Facility for re-processing and re-use.

Unacceptable items

  • Asbestos, batteries and household chemicals.
  • Building materials — wall linings, gyprock, studs, timber beams, tiles, concrete.
  • Car, motor and boat parts, rubber tyres — rims are accepted.
  • Food, gas bottles, glass including windows, panes, mirrors, panels, shower screens, picture frames, liquid paints oils, fuel, soil, earth, fill, bricks.
  • Recyclable materials — paper and cardboard, soiled wrappings, vegetation, plants.

Kimbriki Waste & Recycling Facility is not licensed to accept hazardous waste. Unacceptable items will not be collected and should be removed from the roadside.