Walking (Photo June Lahm)Most people get around the island on foot. Aside from the obvious benefits this has for health and fitness, walking affords residents the chance to catch up with each other and to enjoy the natural beauty of the area.

The island is part of the Pittwater Spotted Gum Forest and these beautiful trees are easily identified by their straight grey-and-cream spotted trunks. They generally grow to more than 20 metres.

All native trees, shrubs, ferns, groundcovers, grasses and vines are protected.

Both the gazetted roads and the various walking trails on the island can be rough, so it is wise to wear sensible shoes. At night, take a torch as there are no street lights.

Walking clear around the island takes around half an hour, but it depends how many people you meet on the way!

Public walking access is available right along NSW foreshores, as the land is crown land. This means that around the edge of the island there is a public access walking track. The council has a policy on this. Some sections may have walkers wander behind boatsheds, but unrestricted public access is maintained and available.

Please take note, there are no public toilets on the island, but rubbish skips are available on wharves.