Women on WaterWOW was set up in 2004 by a group of offshore women with the aim of building offshore social networking and friendship for women of all ages living on the island and in the bays.

What we do

We make new friends, catch up with old ones, chat, have lunch (everyone brings a plate to share) and a drink (it’s BYOG but hosts provide tea and coffee), have ‘notices’, which are a bit like show-and-tell at kindy, to let each other know what offshore events are planned. We then discuss the topic of the month, usually things of interest to women; e.g. the glass ceiling, women’s health, women and ageing, how women are portrayed in the media, and women in politics.

When we meet

WOW meets casually as arranged by the convenor.

Where we hold WOW and how we choose the topic

WOW rotates around members’ homes and the host selects the topic and chairs the meeting, which is announced in time for people to think about it beforehand.

How can I join or find out more?

Rosemary Haskell

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WOW Mobile: 0410500704