Public wharves

The public wharves are maintained by Northern Beaches Council and are a vital conduit to and from the island. The heritage ferry sheds also serve as community spaces: people put up notices, collect their newspapers, chat, and even pick up reading material: several of the sheds boast a self-lending bookshelf.

There are five public wharves on the island: Bell, Carols, Eastern, Tennis and Cargo.

Northern Beaches Council is developing Plans of Management for all wharves within the Pittwater.

Amenities at wharves

WharfFerry pickup/ dropoffRubbish skip availablePontoon for commuter boatsInformal tie up at jettyCommercial goods landing

X = applies

§ = coming soon

Tennis Wharf (Photo June Lahm)Commuter boat tie-ups

Facilities for commuter boat tie-ups on the island are extremely limited. Beach moorings and tie-ups at public wharves are considered illegal by NSW Maritime and Northern Beaches Council.

Cargo Wharf pontoon

Cargo is managed by Northern Beaches Council. There is a limit of 18 permits with an annual fee by Council. Currently there is a wait list. Council contact below:

Northern Beaches Council – Wharves Administration

No Photo Available
Contact: Tanya Carmont Phone: 02 9970 1353

Tennis Wharf pontoon

Tennis is a private pontoon managed by the Tennis Users Group (TUG). SIRA holds the license for the pontoon with Northern Beaches Council on behalf of TUG. There is a limit of 40 boats with a levy for maintenance and liability insurance. Currently there is a wait list. TUG contact below: 

TUG – Wharf user group

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Contact: Colin Haskell Phone: 02 9979 3301

Other wharves

Tie-ups at jetties and wharves operate under informal but time-honoured arrangements. Usually, those who have been there the longest get the best spots with regards to access and tides. There is no set management. Tie-up spots are not part of a house property’s lot and therefore can not be sold with a property.

Current expansion plans are being developed for Bell and Carols wharves with assigned tie-up spots.

Other boat tie-up arrangements

Some boat owners negotiate a tie-up spot with owners of private pontoons.

Wharf etiquette and tips

  • Limit the size of your boat to 4.5m
  • Don’t tie up in a way that prevents another boat from leaving the jetty
  • Leave a tie-up line of at least 1.5m if possible
  • Lock up your boat, petrol tank and, if possible, engine. There have been instances of theft, so it is wise to take out insurance to cover your boat for theft and damage.