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Frequently Asked Questions

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Transport Issues

There are a number of options available to residents, each with different characteristics.

  • Parking is available at Church Point. Read more here
  • Another possibility is to park and berth at one of the private marinas. Read more here

Parking permits for the Church Point car parking area are available from Northern Beaches Council.

Go to the Council’s website for more information or print an application form (available to be filled in at a council office).

More information about Parking at Church Point.

There are several companies specialising in moving goods to the island. Read more here.

On the mainland, there is a commuter wharf at Church Point. Read more here.
On the island, there are five public wharves. Read more here.

On the mainland, there is a commuter wharf at Church Point. Read more here.
There are also private marinas that lease berths. Read more here.

Permits are available from Northern Beaches Council. Go to the Council’s website  for information and applications.

Every year there is a registration day on the island. Read more about vehicles on the island.

Golf buggies, quad bikes and other unregistered vehicles are not legally permitted on gazetted roads anywhere in NSW apart from special zones. Scotland Island is in the process of becoming one of these special zones. Strict conditions will apply to vehicles.

Pink Water Taxis

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Mobile: 0428 238 190 Website: Pink Water Taxis

Pink Water Taxis are an on-demand service based at Church Point Ferry Wharf. Call when you are at a wharf and ready to go. Taxis carry up to 6 passengers with normal luggage, and have mobile EFTPOS services available for Mastercard and Visa.

The mobile number connects you to the actual Water Taxi coxswain. If not answered immediately, please wait a couple of minutes before trying again, particularly in bad weather, as the driver may be berthing the vessel or assisting passengers.

There is a school ferry for children going to Newport Primary School, and older children can take the bus to Pittwater High School. Read more here.

The Community Vehicle is available for transport around on the island. Read more here.

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There is a B&B near Tennis Wharf. Read more here.  There are no hotels

There are a number of groups and classes on the island. Read more here, or go to our calendar of scheduled events.