Dave and Toby's barge (Photo June Lahm)Although it may seem a daunting task, moving on and off the island has been successfully accomplished by hundreds of families in the past with the help of local moving specialists who know island conditions. It is wise to allow significantly more time than for a mainland move, as actual delivery times may depend on weather and tides.

To bring household goods onto the island, you will generally need to advise the mainland delivery merchant to bring goods to the Cargo Wharf at Church Point, and arrange pick-up of the goods by one of the local barge operators. You may also need to arrange transport to your house if you are not waterfront. Please note that the Community Vehicle does not carry furniture, whitegoods, building materials, etc. unless small in size and quantity, and advance booking is required.

​Several companies specialise in moving equipment, household goods, building materials and vehicles by barge, and some of these can also transport goods to your house.

For a listing of these companies, see below. [connections enable_search=FALSE enable_category_select=FALSE category=8 str_cell_phone=’Mobile’ str_school_addr=’Location’ str_home_phone=’Phone’ str_personal_email=’E-mail’ color=’#719430′]