Discussion (Photo Jenny Frazer)The Scotland Island Residents Association Committee (SIRAC) has a number of established working groups, each with a team leader from the committee. The team members can be either SIRAC members or interested islanders. Some of the working groups also manage the services provided by SIRA to the community.

Working groups meet on a regular basis and discuss matters that may have been delegated to them by the SIRA committee or are brought up as discussion items from within the working groups or members of the association. Working groups may need to engage with the community to gauge opinion or to understand how strongly the community feels about certain matters. Any member of SIRA is welcome to join one or more working group. Both the involvement of residents and the access to additional skills from members of the community are necessary to ensure that the association can provide a meaningful service to the community.

SIRA Working Groups
Working GroupTeam LeaderCharterSubjects
Finance, Membership and Insurance
Boyd Attewell

Finance And Insurance Charter V1.2

Financial matters, Membership database, administration and Insurance matters
Island VisionHubert van Mierlo

Island Vision Charter

What is our vision for the Island?
Church PointHubert van Mierlo

Church Point Charter V0

Church Point parking
Hubert van Mierlo

Governance Charter V2.1 (with Decision-Making Process V. 1.4

Governance of the association, including decision making, policies and procedures
Roads, Drainage and Community VehicleSharon Kinnison

Roads And Drainage Charter V0

Community Vehicle Charter V0 (1)

Improvements and maintenance of roads and drainage, Management of the Community Vehicle
Traffic ManagementJane Rich
Colin Haskell
Community Engagement and CommunicationsHubert van Mierlo

Community Engagement & Communications Subcommittee Charter

Engagement with the community and communication with all stakeholders
Parks and ReservesSharon Kinnison, Emmie Colins

Wharves Boats And Marine Charter V0

Parks And Reserves Charter V0

Issues and projects regarding Parks, Reserves, Wharves and Marine Issues
WharvesAlec Beckett
Waste ManagementEileen O’Niell

Waste And Recycling Charter V0

Rubbish Collection and Recycling
Water, Wastewater and Emergency WaterHubert van Mierlo
Boyd Attewell

Water And Wastewater Charter V0

Emergency Water Charter

Proposed connection to Sydney Water and a main sewerage system, Management of SIRA water system and water sales
Hall Management and HireBarbara Labram

Community Hall Charter V0

Management of the Community Hall

List of the current SIRA working groups with email links to the team leaders. Interested islanders can volunteer to join any subcommittee by emailing the team leader. Meetings are usually held at least once every six weeks.

Contact Details

Boyd Attwell

Photo of  Boyd Attwell
Treasurer, Chair Finance, Membership & Insurance SIRA Committee

Boyd lives at the top of the island with partner and two small children. He is an accountant and seeks to bring simplicity and clarity to the association’s financials. He’s happy to receive requests for explanations from anybody.

Fabienne d'Hautefeuille

No Photo Available

Committee Member SIRA Committee

My name is Fabienne. Before you ask, yes I am French. Our family bought a property on the island nine years ago and we finally made it here in January now that our children are old enough to be at school.  I am from a rural background and love that natural aspect of Scotland Island.  My work evolves around hydrogeology or groundwater resources management if you prefer. When I get some time, I love baking, cooking and throwing pots and bowls (ceramics).

Colin Haskell

Photo of  Colin Haskell
Committee Member Phone: 02 9979 3301

Sharon Kinnison

Photo of  Sharon Kinnison
SIRA Committee Member, Co-Chair Parks & Reserves, Wharves & Marine Issues SIRA Committee Mobile: ‪0438 719 764‬

Sharon, 26 years on the Island lives one-up near Tennis Wharf. She is a qualified and experienced high school teacher and bush regeneration supervisor. As a Senior Educator at Pittwater Coastal Environment Centre her role included program management, grant writing, project implementation targeting community catchment and sustainability education and catchment monitoring.

Neelica Raffel

No Photo Available

Committee Member SIRA Committee Mobile: 0405 214 445

Jane Rich

Photo of  Jane Rich
Committee Member SIRA

Here I am again willing to continue on the SIRA committee in whatever capacity I’m more suited.

In 2017 it was as Community Hall Manager  and I focussed on concerns surrounding the increase of golf buggies on the Island.

My working life was as a journalist/sub-editor until I made the Island my home five years ago.

My membership of SIRAC has given me a much better understanding of Island issues and the efforts of other committee members to seek positive outcomes in their endeavours for out environment.

Hubert van Mierlo

Photo of  Hubert van Mierlo
President, Chair Community Engagement and Communications Committee SIRA Committee Mobile: 0439 404 238

Hubert has lived on the Island for 12 years with his family and his kids are currently in high school. Hubert lives one-up near Cargo Wharf and has spent his life working in Marine Engineering, IT and Business. Hubert has a degree in engineering and a MBA and has held several presidencies at a number of associations. Hubert is currently the President of the Pittwater High School P&C Association.