Volume 1, Issue 1; May 2000 Welcome!

Here is your first copy of the Scotland Island Newsletter monthly update. This is not intended to replace the hard copy newsletter you have come to know and love! But it will bring you up to date with all the very latest news (and a little gossip sometimes) from our beautiful island. Naturally there is no cost to you for this newsletter. If you detect any problems with the design of this newsletter, kindly click on the link at the bottom of this page and tell the designer!

What will be in future Newsletters?

Resolutions from the most recent SIRA committee meetings.

Reviews and news from the Scotland Island Players.

Fire Brigade notices (fire bans, practices etc) Car Park, Landcare, Water use, Waste management, Neighbourhood Watch matters.

Updated information about the Church Point carpark. Anything you might wish to contribute… back to top

In this Issue:

Scotland Island Website Road Survey Habeas Corpus –

a review Emergency Water problems

Take away or home delivery food!

Calling all Artists

Spread the Word Council impounds boats DLAWC

Charges Commuter Boat and Jetty Owners

Your Subscription Information Confidentiality –

The Scotland Island Website: Graham Vick reports: Hi Folks, Don’t forget to check out the Scotland Island Website. http://www.scotlandisland.org.au There are all sorts of interesting pieces of information stored in there. If you want to advertise a service to people of the Island just let us know through the website and we’ll be only too glad to oblige.

Council impounds rowing boats: Do you row a dinghy or paddle a kayak or canoe to the mainland? You may be aware of the problems we’ve been having lately with the council impounding boats. SIRA will be making a presentation to council through the Offshore Liaison Committee. We want the council to provide facilities for commuting kayaks and to make the concrete ramp at the southern end of the carpark available for rowing dinghies. Council worries about insurance liabilities etc but they have stated informally that they will not impound boats that are kept below the mean high water mark. SIRA is in the process of finding out just exactly where the mean high water mark is and we’ll be making it obvious for our convenience. Keep your PC’s posted to this newsletter or the Scotland Island Website for further info.

DLAWC Charges: At the AGM and in the last Newsletter we talked of the serious concerns about DLAWC (Dept. of Land and Water Conservation) not only charging high rates on jetties, but also starting to charge (eg Dangar Island and other areas in the Hawkesbury) a ‘Berthing’ fee of $300 per year for every boat that ties up to a Public Wharf/Pontoon or a Jetty. And that means, all commuter boats! If you own a boat or a jetty and share this concern, then ring Greg Roberts about joining WEAR Inc. (Waterfront Environment Action Reform) which has, as one of its main objectives, the removal of all fees for WAO (Water Access Only) properties. Please regard this as URGENT as WEAR is currently developing its case to put to DLAWC and needs evidence of substantial and wide ranging membership. Ring Greg on 99799599.

Habeas Corpus – Done with style: The Scotland Island Players are presenting Alan Bennett’s ‘Habeas Corpus’ at the Community Hall on May 12-13, May 19-20, and two extra sessions have been provided due to overwhelming demand on Friday May 26th and Saturday May 27th. Don’t miss it! [Tickets at Interlace – phone 9997-5702] This very funny play, directed by Rod Charls, is one of the most exciting and professional productions seen on the island for many years. Excellent performances by Robert Dale, Nettie Lodge, Aaron Perkins, Emmie Collins, Liz Brand, Larry Woods, Bob Blackwood, Jillian Lennon, Venessa Crane and Brian Franki were backed up by outstanding props, costumes and sound. This sell-out performance was enjoyed by islanders and visitors from the mainland. ps: If you would like to be involved with this very professional company, why not give Nettie Lodge (99972531) or Rod Charls (94889791) a call.

Emergency Water Problems Pittwater Council has again raised its concerns about the supply of water onto the Island. The SIRA committee is meeting on Monday 22nd in an emergency session to start the process of looking at the options that will be best for the Island, as well as for Council and Sydney Water. Part of the process is to conduct a survey into the usage of Emergency Water, including some of the good things as well as the bad things about it. The Survey will be delivered or posted to you (if you are a non-resident) .Please fill it in and get it back quickly as we need it for our discussions with Council. Another part of the process will be inviting a number of residents to participate in a facilitated workshop, the results of which will be part of our submissions back to Council. If you have some constructive ideas, and would like to participate in this vital aspect of Island life, please contact David Moss (99798267) or Shirley Page (99971875).

Calling all Artists: Calling all Scotland Island Artists. Raise your profile or just your ego by advertising yourself on the Scotland Island Website. The site has an “Artists of the Island” section and we would like to show the world that the Island is indeed a centre of creative genius. Email Graham Vick on si_news@hotmail.com to find out how to put a brief portfolio up on the site. We’d like to hear from you.

Road Survey: Very shortly, you will receive a major survey (yes, the one that’s been promised for a long time) regarding our roads and drainage. It will give you a lot of information, particularly the output from a series of workshops conducted over a year or more ago. It is a very serious part of the program to first develop a Management Plan for the Island’s roads and drainage, and then to actually construct them. Please fill it in , and attend the information meeting on June 4 if you would like some more info. or to ask some questions.

Take away or Home Delivery!: For those times when you are just plain exhausted after a day’s work, or you want to entertain someone without the hassle of cooking, Iris Ong – Andersson will look after you. Specialising in Asian food (Curries, Laksas, Stir-fries), she will prepare it for collection, or will deliver it to you if you prefer. Ring Iris on 9979 6821 or 0412 666 083 for details of her menu and prices.

Community Pontoon at Tennis Wharf: Jennifer Knox reports: A number of people have contributed $100 to the cost of materials, and more will be needed to cover additional costs, maintenance etc. – so if you use the pontoon area and haven’t as yet contributed, contact Jennifer Knox (99799815).There is thought of starting a barging company. Jennifer, having negotiated a super deal with the company installing the new marina at RPA, together with Louise Roberts, in a runabout, nudged 2 pontoon sets out of RPA and towed them up the Pittwater, ran out of petrol, hailed the Pink Taxi (who kindly lent them a tank), then , later, accepted a tow into Tennis by Patsy. When they reached the shallows, Jennifer leapt overboard and swam the pontoons to the shore. A week or so later, Jennifer negotiated a further top deal and Hans Stevelt barged up a further pontoon set from RPA to provide backup segments. Jennifer also arranged with Council to supply some timber and other important elements as the pontoon system was for public use. We thank them for this support.

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