Sunday, March 4    
10:00 am - 12:30 pm


Scotland Island Community Hall
Catherine Park, Scotland Island

Event Type


Coffee/tea station open prior to and throughout the meeting (no prescribed coffee/tea break).

Agenda Items Time (minutes) Finish Time
 Chair: Hubert van Mierlo, PresidentWelcome and Appointment of Meeting MonitorSIRAC Business

1)  Confirmation of Minutes of 21/1/18

2)  Treasurer’s Report

  • December and January Accounts
  • SIOCS repayments

3)  Correspondence

  • Emails from and to Pittwater Forever
  • Survey Monkey Professional Plan – Payment
  • Various correspondence about Church Point Car Park

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SIRAC Issues

4) Northern Beaches Council Members’ tour of island

 5)  Pasadena update

6)  Church Point Car Park – Working Group report and more

– NBC Church Point Car Park contact person and financial


– Letters from community members to NBC and/or SIRA

(Juliette Robinson and Guy Towner, Steve Yorke, Josephine

Carter-May); SIRA and NBC responses

7)  Kindergarten – update on fence and community garden

8)  Dogs – waste, roaming, attacks

9)  Community Liaison with Police – island issues to raise with them

Working Group Issues

10) Working Groups – any new members?

– meetings – brief reports

11) Wharves – update on Bells and Carols meeting – outcomes and next steps

12) Hall – update, opening toilets and correspondence with NBC; coffee machine; Jane’s


13) Water and Waste Water – selection of contractor to install new pipes and valves at Bells

Other Issues

14) Community information on emergency response practices on island and helipad issue

15 Walking track maps

10.00am 11.30am

Open Discussion (community members welcome)

11:30 12:00

Working Group Focus and Public ForumChurch Point


`12:00 12:30

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The SIRA Committee meets every 6 weeks. During the meeting a wide variety of subjects are discussed, from association management to community issues, events and programs. The SIRA Committee meetings are open to the public for observation. At the end of the meeting there is a Questions and Answers session, where community members are able to ask the committee questions.

For more about SIRA, read more here

Previous meeting agendas and minutes can be found here: [wpfilebase tag=browser id=3 /]