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Scotland Island

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Scotland Island Community Hall

The Scotland Island Community Hall is the hub of many island activities. Over the years since it was built, it has been the venue for many memorable Players’ performances, concerts, SIRA meetings, fundraising activities, art exhibitions, discos, private parties, and weddings. It is also the place where a variety of weekly fitness classes are held such as yoga or pilates.

Since 2009, SIRA is responsible for the hiring of the hall and a hall committee is in charge of all hall matters.

Community Hall MeetingCommunity Hall KitchenCommunity Hall Interior

History of the hall

In 1976 Warringah Shire Council agreed to cover the cost of building materials for a new Community Hall and the Scotland Island Progress Association provided the labour to build it. After four years spent sorting out ownership of site in Catherine Park, in May 1980, approval was given for the plan by architect Eric Singer from Lovett Bay.

Bob Blackwood, nominated as builder, liaised with Council. Others were responsible for purchase, transport and storage of materials and organising site activities. Sixty supporters, men and women with a variety of skills, were organized into four work squads. They worked for four years, mostly on weekends to complete the project on time and within budget, without any accidents or incidents. The hall was a community wish fulfilled.

When the community hall opened in 1982, Council immediately insured the building for $125,000.

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