NBC roadside weed spraying November 23 


16 November 2023

Roadside Targeted Weed Spraying

Scotland Island November 23

Northern Beaches Council Invasives Species Unit is targeting priority weed species along the roadside of Scotland Island.

The works will take place Thursday November 23, 2023 between 8am and 2pm (weather permitting) and will involve targeting spot-spraying of Madeira Vine, Morning Glory and Cats Claw Creeper using Glyphosate-based herbicide in combination with Metsol under PERMIT 9907. For a recent detailed study on Glyphosate, see https://www.aabr.org.au/portfolio-items/get-up-to-date-on-glyphosate/

The works are part of a long-term plan that aim to:

·      Prevent rutting out of roads due to improved drainage

·      Prevent overhang of noxious weeds

·      Allow for more desirable native species to grow

·      Minimise the need for slashing along the waterline leading to less weed spread

During this time, signage will be erected and we recommend residents and members of the public take notice of the signs and where possible ensure they (and domestic animals) avoid the treatment area.

We apologise for any inconvenience.


Invasives Species Unit on 1300 434 434 or 02 8495 5477


This is a communication from NBC SIRA is sharing it with our membership for informational purposes only.

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