SIRA AGM Sunday November 19; Agenda 


14 November 2023


SIRA AGM Sunday 19 November 2023: all welcome!

The Scotland Island Residents Association is an essential part of life on the island. In order to live here more conveniently, many of us need services such as emergency water supply and community transport. All of these services are managed by SIRA, which also advocates for the roads and environment, initiates wharf developments and improvements and promotes social activities that build community cohesion. SIRA is also advocating for a mains water and sewerage system.

SIRA’s AGM is next Sunday at 10 am in the Community Hall in Catherine Park. Our local member Rory Amon MP and the NBC Mayor Susan Heins will both be present. You are warmly invited to attend this meeting and keep up to date with what is happening on the island. See the Agenda here.

We strongly encourage members to join the committee. In particular, we need someone to be responsible for coordinating the emergency water system and someone to promote wharf improvement, especially at Tennis Wharf. These are crucial roles to fill and important issues to manage.  

Nomination forms can be filled out at the AGM, but preferably beforehand. To nominate yourself or someone else download the nomination form here

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