SIRA AGM held November 19 


24 November 2023 


Miranda Korzy, Robyn Iredale, Sue Heins and Rory Amon

Results of SIRA AGM 2023

The SIRA AGM was held on December 19 in the Community Hall. The invited guests were our state MP Rory Amon, our Northern Beaches Council Mayor Sue Heins and NBC Councillor Miranda Korzy from the Greens.

The AGM featured a President’s report, brief statements from our guests, and short summaries of the year’s activities from all present Subcommittee team leaders. This was followed by an open forum in which residents asked questions of SIRA and the guests. There were questions about buggies, the need for accessible parking at community buildings, and roads. More detail will follow when the draft minutes of the AGM are available.

All SIRA Committee positions were then declared vacant and nominations for each position  announced by the Returning Officer, a function ably fulfilled by Roy Baker. There were no positions for which more than one nomination was received, so a show of hands confirmed approval. The executive positions were filled as follows:

  • President: Robyn Iredale
  • Vice-President: Colin Haskell
  • Treasurer: Julie Velina Cooper
  • Secretary: Deb Woods

Five ordinary committee members will continue on SIRAC for the next year:

  • Boyd Attewell
  • Basil Daher
  • CB Floyd
  • Sharon Kinnison
  • Ian White

SIRA also warmly welcomes five new committee members:

  • Maddy Bandfield
  • Emma Harvey
  • Marie Minslow (who served as President in a previous committee)
  • Julie Paterson
  • Julie Torney 

Front row left to right: Marie Minslow, CB Floyd, Julie Paterson, Robyn Iredale, Deb Woods, Colin Haskell, Emma Harvey and Boyd Attewell. Back row left to right: Maddy Bandfield, Julie Cooper, Julie Torney and Ian White. Not present: Basil Daher and Sharon Kinnison.

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