Council have requested the Scotland island Residents association communicate the following to all wharf users. Please use the link below to provide feedback about the proposed fees.

NBC – notice of proposed wharf fees

Just letting you know that we will be proposing to charge for both the new and existing tie-ups at Bell and Carols wharf once they are completed,  as per our adopted fees and charges.

The draft fees and charges for 2021/ 2022 are currently on exhibition and are open for comment until the 30 May 2021.  I have included a snip of the fees relevant to the wharves below (specifically the last 3 fees) – the proposed fee is $266 for the first mainland tie-up location and the $100 for a second permit off shore per boat. These fees apply to all wharf tie-ups managed by Council.

The details on the fees and charges and instructions on how to make a submission can be found at the following link: Please feel free to forward the link to anyone who may wish to make a submission.

We have begun developing a web page, application forms and other information to assist the allocation and management of the tie-ups at the wharves. We will in touch once we are ready to begin the allocation process.  

Those on the waitlist at Tennis Wharf are asked to contact Victoria Keswick on 02 8495 6488  or over the next week or so? We will like to add them to our contact list.

In the meantime please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions or wish to discuss anything related to the tie-ups at the wharves.


Vicki Blaskett

Manager, Business Operations


Business Operations

t 02 8495 6747    m 0458 788 882




Information communicated in this newsletter does not represent the views of SIRA. The information is circulated to help residents stay informed about issues that affect them. 

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