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Congratulations to all involved in the completion of the recent Capital Works Project to improve our roads. The work took place from Cecil Street and extended north and south on Richard Road as well as providing maintenance upgrades for the Scotland Island road system. There was also additional road sealing below Elsie Street on Florence Terrace and at the intersection of Hilda and Thompson Street. Road maintenance nearing completion on the road to the top of the island includes significant stabilisation and restoration of the road surface and water bars. Care with design and construction will better manage the impact of stormwater, improve longevity and provide a significant improvement in road safety for vehicles and pedestrians.

Acknowledgements are due to:

· Northern Beaches Council project engineer Kate Gibbs, who was responsible for implementation and logistical organization. Aided by beautiful weather 105 tons of hotmix was delivered in small barge loads, trucked up Cargo hill and laid on site over 2 days. We have all watched the site preparation over a number of months.

· Pino, site supervisor and his small team, who have worked carefully to place v drains, sandstone and wood edging as well as tons and tons of road bas.e 

· SIRA Roads, Drainage and Environment Subcommittee for its ongoing assistance to NBC in forward planning, design, communication and implementation (the design and funding for this project has extended over 4 years). A special mention to Graeme Crayford who provided water on site in 2020 and 2021 to assist with road compaction and the laying of the hotmix. (This provided a significant cost saving, eliminating the need for a water truck.)

· Island residents who provided a warm welcome to staff, were flexible with travel and moved vehicles as needed. 

Now it is over to us to enjoy and care for the new infrastructure. Each of us can help to ensure our road infrastructure lasts by maintaining the drain in front of our house and not driving on the road edge whenever possible.   

Pino & the roads team


NBC Project Engineer

Kate Gibbs


Universal Communications Group has been engaged by NBN to facilitate connections to properties on Scotland Island as part of the construction of the National Broadband Network.

We anticipate our Survey Team will be coming over to Scotland Island within the next week or two.

Could you please let the residents know that we are happy for them to provide any further information that they may have with regards to the current connections that they have and any difficulties that they may foresee with property access.

If you have any questions or concerns about the proposed activities you can call us on 1300 855 041 or our email address for residents to contact us is

We need your help on Saturday 29th May

Fireshed dinner

The Fire Shed Dinner is shaping up to be a massive success –  registrations

are closed already!

These nights always take a lot of work and SIRFB are looking for volunteers

to help with a number of things to help setup, run the dinner and clean up.

If you can help out or if you have any questions call Pete Lalor on 0401 716 194

or remailor

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