SIRA wrote to council for clarification on the following issues in relation to the application at the Pasadena. Council advised the two issues are noted and will be considered  Here is part of their reply:

Operating Hours

In regards to issues relating to a lack of information on the proposed operating hours, I can confirm that Council’s Assessing Officer has contacted the applicant to request additional information on this issue. However, it is noted that the current application does not seek to amend the hours of operation. The applicant has indicated they rely on the 1963 approval for their operations, as outlined under that approval. If this information becomes available, it will be included in the exhibition documentation.


In regards to issues relating to patron parking associated with the development I can assure you that this issue will be considered as part of the assessment. This will include consideration of the potential impacts of the proposed changes and whether they generate any additional parking requirements. Council cannot retrospective require parking for development where an approval exists.

To view the proposal for the Pasadena and submissions, click here.

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