The new pumps, the pressure-assist system – PAS, has been installed and will be in operation from midday this Monday 19th April.

Emergency water booking holders should be aware of the following:

A. The pressure-assist pump will operate in line with the NSW Government EPA Standards i.e., will not run before 7.00am on Weekdays or 8.00am on weekends and will not run after 10.00pm any day.

B. Emergency water bookings continue to be available 24 hours, 7 days a week. Outside of the pump operational hours the pressure / flow will not be assisted, and water flow will continue to be at the current rate.

C. Currently, water flows vary from as low as 0.2 m3 /hour at the top of the Island to as high as 5 m3 /hour at the lower levels.

D. During PAS operating hours, people who live on the higher levels of the island will notice a significant improvement in their water flow. People who already receive more than 4 m3 /hour, will get water flow as usual.

E. IMPORTANT: all residents with bookings within the PAS operational hours need to keep an eye on their flow via the app or computer to monitor the level of water being received into their tanks. It is possible that you will need to finish your booking earlier than expected! Please ask your water monitor for assistance.

F. Please make sure your next booking is for an appropriate number of hours based on your (PAS) experience.

Remember, contact your water monitor if you have any questions about you existing or new water booking.

LINE1: Nikki Gibson (0425 227 792)

LINE 2 and LINE 3: Ian Laughton-Smith (0404 833 674)

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