It appears that RMS is completing further investigations before allowing conditional registration of buggies. For now, registration of buggies on the island is on hold until RMS communicates its decision.


SIRA wrote to council for clarification on the following issuesĀ in relation to the application at the Pasadena.Ā Council advised the two issues are noted and will be consideredĀ  Here is part of their reply: Operating Hours In regardsā€¦

Buggy upgrades information

Council letter detailing new buggy requirements Possible plan forwards

Bulky Goods Collection

Council collection of bulky goods begins on Scotland Island this Monday 8 February. Please dismantle large items. For details on what you can and can't put out for collection please click on the link. Button ā€¦

Buggy Inspection Information

Technical Issue Apology - Inspection Link Unfortunately, due to technical issues of the system removing the last "/" on the previously emailed link to the inspection booking page, previous links have been broken. Apologies for theseā€¦