SIRAC resolutions on TfNSW; results of survey; updated webpage on condiitional registration history 


23 September 2023


SIRA Meeting resolutions re TfNSW letter

On 21 September SIRAC met to discuss the TfNSW letter and passed the following two resolutions:

1.  That SIRAC make no direct appeal against the TfNSW decision at this time. For: 6, against: 3; abstentions: 1. Motion carried.

 2. That SIRAC will work with the group of residents who wish to appeal the decision of TfNSW by providing information, contacts and history. For: 6, against: 3, abstentions: 1. Motion carried.

Results of survey on parking in Catherine Park

A survey on buggy parking at Catherine Park was sent to residents on August 31st (via SIRA News and Facebook) following a resolution at the August 20th SIRAC Meeting.

The survey results and the comments can both be read in this folder on the Scotland Island Community Website.

Timeline of conditional registration and traffic management plan on Scotland Island

Please see the Traffic Management Plan page on the Scotland Island Website for a detailed history, with links to all relevant documents available, of SIRAC’s involvement with and advocacy for conditional registration.

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