Reminder about Water and Wastewater Survey


2 September 2023


Reminder to complete the Scotland Island Water and Wastewater Survey

Not all residents appear to have received the invitation from Rory Amon, Member for Pittwater, to complete a survey about Scotland Island Water and Wastewater, so the communication is copied below. As it says, we need to show our support for mains water and wastewater connection to the island. 

Dear Resident

For many years, residents on Scotland Island have been lobbying Sydney Water to provide a mains water and wastewater connection to the Island. Many anticipate that the provision of these services will increase property values by 10-20%.

Sydney Water and Northern Beaches Council have undertaken costings, which vary, but are in the vicinity of $50 million to provide water and wastewater infrastructure to, and on, the Island. There is an additional cost for property owners to install pipes on their land to connect to the Sydney Water infrastructure.

To give us the best chance of Sydney Water agreeing to invest $50 million, we need to show that a significant majority of Scotland Island residents support the services being provided.

You can indicate your support for mains water and wastewater on Scotland Island by completing the Water and Wastewater Survey hereI would be grateful if you could also please forward the survey to your neighbours. 

The survey has been prepared in conjunction with Scotland Island Residents Association and the results will be provided to Sydney Water and the Minister for Water. All personal data and private information collected as a part of the survey will remain confidential.

Complete Survey Here

This is a communication from Rory Amon, member for Pittwater in the NSW Legislative Assembly. 

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