Note from Norway: a message from Robyn Iredale, SIRA President

I’m currently travelling overseas but have been keeping in touch with what has been transpiring on the island. Along with others, I am disappointed, though not surprised, at the decision of Transport for NSW.

SIRA started to think about alternate arrangements for helping people to move around the island some time ago. When I return mid-September, the committee will gather to plan a resident’s forum, to discuss different transport options.  

I really appreciate the hard work done by Carol Beth Floyd and Sharon Kinnison in my absence.

Robyn Iredale, President 

NBC cancelled forum with island residents

NBC has informed SIRA that they do not wish to attend a residents’ forum at this time on the parking issue. As mentioned in Robyn’s message, SIRA will be planning a forum later this month for discussion of all transport issues.

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