Pasadena noise decision


12 September 2023

Important correspondence from Liquor & Gaming NSW: decision on noise levels from the Pasadena

In a decision by a delegate of the Minister under s.81 of the Liquor Act 2007 on 25 August 2023, three conditions were placed on the Pasadena.

Noise limiter

At all times when amplified music is conducted, the licensee must ensure all amplifiers or noise generating equipment are under the control of a noise limiter.

1. The noise limiter levels must be set by an acoustic engineer; and

2. The noise limiter controller must be contained within a locked container or secure area and is to be only accessible by venue management. Date condition effective: 22 September 2023

Also, there is a prohibition on amplified sound after 11:00pm

3. The licensee must ensure all amplified music and the use of any sound system has ceased by 11:00pm. Date condition effective: 26 August 2023

This decision came about thanks to the continued efforts and involvement of about 30 residents, CPCP (Church Point Community Projects) the WPCA and SIRAC, and other supporting people on the mainland.

The redacted decision can be seen HERE. See Annexure 1 for details of the decision.

A detailed explanation of the background and reasons for the decision by Liquor & Gaming can be read in Pittwater Online News September 3-9 issue.

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