Issues with emergency water booking 


15 September 2023 


Emergency Water Login Issues

Some users have been having difficulty in logging into the SIRA Website using their phone or tablet to access their water booking.

It is being looked into by the software provider, but in the meantime, some suggestions:

  • Sometimes there is a delay in loading the login screen due to the link to the SIRA website loading into the browser; be patient and wait.
  • If your internet connection is slow, it may take longer if you are using a 4G connection on your phone.
  • If you are at home use your WIFI on your phone.
  • When logging in on your PC use WIFI.
  • Close the tab in your browser after using the website, it is possible that loading fails if it is left open.
  • The Website may have been updated since last use so It is best to always close the tab when done and load fresh from

A “Report an Issue” form is being created so users can log their issues which can be collated to assist with a resolution.

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