SIRA resolution sent to NBC; Open forum with NBC August 27


23 August 2023


Communication to NBC re SIRAC meeting August 20 and open forum with NBC on August 27, 2023

Many residents will be aware that Northern Beaches Council (NBC) recently placed stone blocks near Tennis Wharf to restrict parking in Catherine Park and define a turning circle. A number of affected residents, in particular those with disabilities who access the ferry at Tennis, have strongly disagreed with this development.

NBC, in response to a request from Sharon Kinnison, have agreed to attend an open forum this Sunday to hear residents’ views and explain the reasons behind the placement of the blocks. The forum will be held at 12:30 pm on August 27 at the Fire Shed and all residents are encouraged to attend. SIRA will collate questions in advance; you can send them to Or you can ask them on the day.

In addition, at the SIRAC meeting held on August 20th attended by 16 residents and six committee members, a resolution was passed as follows: 

 ‘That SIRA forthwith request of Council the temporary removal or moving of the stone bollards to allow for the original area of parking and of vehicle turning.’

This resolution has been communicated to Northern Beaches Council.

The meeting also passed a resolution that a survey should be sent out to residents to gather information on disability parking needs. This will happen in the coming days.

The Communications Team, SIRA

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