Power outage and live wires on the road near Bells 


10 May 2024 


Live lines down and power outages due to tree down at Bells

A large tree has come down on the road near Bells and has snapped an Ausgrid power pole. Barricades are in place and Ausgrid is working there.

The lines on the road are live so please do not walk through the barricaded area.  Walk up and across on the temporary pathway.

A power outage will be necessary to repair the pole and lines. It is unclear how long the outage will last, but probably most of the day. Ausgrid advises that the worst case scenario is that all of the addresses below might be affected:

1 Richard to 101 Richard

2 Thompson to 80 Thompson

71 Florence to 131 Florence

We’ve been unable to obtain a reference number for this outage.

Photo courtesy Julian Muir

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