Important announcement from TfNSW re conditional registration


26 August 2023

Transport for NSW announcement: Conditional Registration for Non-Compliant Motor Vehicles on Scotland Island

After years of advocacy from SIRA and the community for conditional registration for some non-compliant motor vehicles, we were dismayed to receive an announcement from Transport for NSW (TfNSW) August 25th  advising that “conditional registration cannot be granted for domestic or convenience purposes due to the significant safety implications and associated risks”.

The full response from TfNSW can be seen HERE.

What next?

SIRA will contact TfNSW to clarify or if needed advocate for a phase out period as information on this is not included in the announcement. SIRA will also be making representations to NBC for further improvement to our road infrastructure and other related issues in light of this announcement.

SIRA is also open to exploring all options for providing support to those who may be left without transport, possibly including lower prices on the Community Vehicle for seniors and those with a disability. If you have ideas on ways that our community can respond creatively, please let us know at

SIRA is aware this announcement will be very disappointing for many in our community. We will be keeping residents informed of any relevant information or related developments.  This is a very recent announcement from TfNSW, so if further information or details can be obtained, we commit to keeping you informed as much as possible. 

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