Community vehicle news, new mainland transport service for over 65s


March 4 2024

Community Vehicle News

SIRA’s Transport subcommittee recently met with the manager of Easylink to discuss a leasing arrangement for a new vehicle from July 2024, or the possible extension of the existing 5-year lease for another year. Any comments on the best type of vehicle are welcome. 

Northern Beaches Council purchase the vehicle and lease it to Easylink, who use the funds received from Transport for NSW to cover the lease and other costs. In reality, the average cost is $57 per trip on the island so we are fortunate that the vehicle is heavily subsidised and passengers pay only $15 per trip. We are also lucky to have some new drivers coming on board. 

The Community Vehicle team looks forward to providing this vital service over the coming years. We urge residents to keep using it so that we will continue to qualify for the subsidy from Transport for NSW.

Community Vehicle number: 0404 103 700

More information about the Community Vehicle

New service: Free mainland transport to your local health, wellbeing and social programs!

A new pilot program, ‘Early Intervention’, is providing free, accessible and safe transport from your home to your local General Practitioner, allied health appointment, wellbeing programs, or social outings for older Australians (over 65 years of age, or 40 years of age for First Nations Peoples) who are not already registered with My Aged Care. Find out more and apply here.

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