Clean up Australia coordinator needed; host/assistant for Dark Side of the Moon needed


5 February 2024


Cass Gye has been organising and hosting the Clean Up Australia Day on Scotland Island for many years, and Roy Baker stepped up for the role last year. But this year neither of these hard workers are available and we really need someone to help! The Island is already registered for the event.

The Coordinator’s role includes:

  • confirming Island registration using an existing login (which we have) and order kits for each wharf
  • finding supervisors for each wharf (there is an existing list of those who usually help)
  • collecting kits from PO at Church Point and distribute to wharf supervisor
  • liaising with Toby Jay about pick up of rubbish at the wharves
  • putting up posters
  • coordinating everyone on March 3

This is a great opportunity to help clean up our environment. Advice will be available from Cass Gye and from Roy Baker, who managed it in 2023 and who has worked on CUA for a number of years with Cass.

Please contact Marie Minslow at if you can help.

The Dark Side of the Moon February 17: Host person wanted

This show is going to be amazing! To assist in the smooth running of the show, we’re looking for a ‘host/assistant’ to be on duty from 6 pm to 10 pm to help ensure that everyone has a great experience.

Duties will include:

  • Meeting ferries at Tennis to show people the way to the hall

  • Checking the loos a few times during the evening

  • Roaming around the Green Room (the Rec Centre) periodically, clearing bowls and drink containers and ensuring any spills are mopped up for safety.

  • Checking for any trip hazards or debris around the outside area and clearing them away

  • Assisting volunteers with setting and clearing up

You will need to be 18 or over, have a friendly and helpful disposition, and be proactive and flexible. Payment is $25 per hour.

Please contact if you’re interested.