Bulka bags ready to be collected; further Ausgrid outages 


9 November 2023


Fine fuel collection update from the RFS – bulka bags have arrived

Bulka bags are now ready for collection from the small shed at the front of the Fire Station.

Please respect the fact that there is only 1 bag available for each household. If you take more than 1 bag one of your fellow residents will miss out. That’s not OK.

Remember: Fill your bag with fine fuels. These have a diameter thinner than your little finger. Place the bag on the side of the road before 7am 27 November for collection. Take care not to block passage of large vehicles and emergency vehicles.

More details from Northern Beaches Council are available here:


Ausgrid message re outage for tree removal at Scotland Island Thursday 16 November

Ausgrid have announced another power outage for 16 November on 34 Thompson Road and 22-24 Thompson. During the work hours, power supply to the affected properties (see map) will be interrupted.

Also, Thompson Road near the work areas will be blocked, and Florence Road will also be blocked.

The basic information, and the map, is below, but there is also a link to the full communication from Ausgrid for further details. 


We are planning a temporary interruption to the electricity supply to your property. This planned power outage will allow us to work on the electricity network in your area so that we can continue to provide safe, reliable energy for your premises.

Why is this outage happening?

The interruption to your power supply is needed for: Trimming trees growing close to the electricity network.

Starting from: 07:00 Thursday, 16 Nov 2023

Finishing by: 17:00 Thursday, 16 Nov 2023

Estimated duration: 10 hours

This timeframe is indicative only.

Read the full communication from Ausgrid here.

The map below shows the work areas.

NB: Other Ausgrid outages on November 16 and 17 were announced in the SIRA News of October 24 2023

These are communications from the RFS and Ausgrid. SIRA is sharing it with our membership for informational purposes only.

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