Outage Harold Ave Wed May 24; Emergency Water price increase, Cafe update 


19 May 2023

Outage scheduled for Harold Avenue Wednesday May 24

Ausgrid have scheduled a power outage to conduct two dead tree removals on Wednesday May 24 on Harold Avenue.

Harold Avenue will need to be closed between Richard Road and Thompson Street to through traffic, approx.. 8am to 3pm.

Please use Thompson Street to access Bell and Carol via Cecil Street or Hilda Avenue.

Emergency Water Price increase from July 1 2023

The price of Emergency Water will increase by 3.5% in July 2023, in line with inflation. After much discussion in recent meetings, SIRAC has agreed to lift Emergency Water prices by the year’s inflation estimates on an annual basis.  

The price changes for 2023 are as follows:                                   

                                            Current              From 1/7/23

Charge per kL of water   $6.00                   $6.21

Booking fee (manual)     $15.00                 $15.53

Booking fee (auto)          $5.00                   $5.18

Emergency fee               $30.00                 $31.05

May 28t Two Catherines Café: updated special events

The harp music has been postponed but the Newcomers welcome is happening, along with a talk on Emergency Water issues.

The notice on the outage is from Ausgrid. SIRA is sharing it with our membership for informational purposes only.

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