NBN Update

New Procedure in place

NBNco have recently made changes to the NBN connection process. The main change is you will have two separate contractors attend your property if you have placed an order with a Retail Service Provider (RSP).

The points to note are:

1. The external lead-in connection work from the power pole to your house will be completed by one contractor. They will make contact, by knocking on your door or calling you, to advise when they will attend your property. All outstanding properties will have this work done. This process will continue to occur in a systematic manner.

2. If you have placed an order with an RSP the internal connection work will be completed by a separate contractor. NBNco will provide work orders to these contractors once the external work is complete. The appointment for the contractor to attend your property will now be made by your RSP. These appointments may not be rolled out systematically due to the number of RSPs involved.

3. All queries, service requests and issues with your NBN order are to be directed to your RSP. If you find you cannot get adequate assistance, please contact Cass Gye who is the NBNco contact for the project on the Scotland Island.

4. NBNco intend to hold some community information sessions. Details will be released when finalised.

5. There are significant delays across the country with activations. You can read more about it here. As advised above, these issues need to be raised with your RSP.


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