Live Music Trivia Quiz; Pasadena Liquor Licence update; upcoming SIRAC meeting


15 August 2022


Live Music Trivia Quiz Afternoon

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Pasadena Liquor Licence Pasadena Liquor Lic Application – Change of Use. 

In spite of objections from SIRA and WPCA, this change of use application was approved in June/July 2022. New conditions have been added to the licence:

  • ·       The Plan of Management dated 2/6/22 is to be available for inspection by authorised persons at all times;
  • ·       Pasadena must be an active member of local liquor accord;
  • ·       A CCTV system must operate in all public areas and recordings kept for 30 days;
  • ·       normal trading Good Friday, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, can close at 2am New Year’s Day.

You can view these conditions, as well as the stipulations about noise levels (from 2008) here.

Scotland Island Residents’ Association Committee meeting

All residents are invited to attend the SIRAC meeting on Sunday, August 21st, 10 am in the Scotland Island Community Hall. If you have any items you’d like to add to the agenda, please email Juliet Wills at The agenda can be viewed here.

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