Carols and Bell Wharves Update

It is expected that there will be an update from Northern Beaches Council in regard to Carols and Bell wharves in the coming week(s). This update will be communicated on the NBC website, via email to the list of people who have expressed interest, current Church Point Wharf permit holders and SIRA, and also via onsite signage.

The update will contain an explanation of how to apply for an assigned space on Carols or Bell Wharves, the fee structure, terms and conditions and frequently asked questions.

  • Those currently using the wharves or have lodged previous expressions of interest WILL need to apply using the process that will be outlined in the communication from NBC.
  • Permits allocated will be allocated to a person, not to a boat or a residence.
  • Proof of offshore residence will be required unless a recent application has been lodged for a Church Point Commuter Wharf permit.

The last communication in regards to Carols and Bell wharves from NBC can be seen here:

It is expected that Cargo wharf will transition to assigned spaces once the new Carols and Bell wharf extensions are in use, so parking at Carols, Bell and Cargo wharf will all require a permit.

SIRA Wharves Subcommittee

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