Message from Northern Beaches Council Kate Gibbs

The asphalt work commencing on Richards Road tomorrow, 18th May requires the road between Cargo Wharf and the worksite on Richards Rd to be cleared of vehicles, parked vehicles, pedestrians and animals from 7:30 to 5:30 to allow 22T trucks access site. The trucks have very large blind spots. It is especially unsafe for children and animals. There will be 17 truck movements in the day with the first truck arriving at 7:45am, 8am and so on. Council would like to stress the danger especially to people, animals and parked cars. Please do not use this area tomorrow. Please relocate all vehicles from the roadway. The trucks will at times be reversing for long segments of Richards Rd between Cargo Wharf and the worksite. Your assistance in keeping the worksite safe is requested.


Information relayed from government bodies and organisations such as Northern Beaches Council, Maritime, Ausgrid and NBN is done so to assist residents manage their day to day lives. The messages relayed are not from SIRA and nor do they reflect the views of SIRA.

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