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Power outage

Ausgrid has sent out two notices which residents should have received. The messages are the same except for the details of the planned outage, so SIRA News is reproducing the generic information below for the two outages. Details of the outages are:

1) Details of planned outage

Start: 8:00am on 16 Sep 2021

Finish: 3:00pm on 16 Sep 2021

Duration: 7 hours

*Our aim is to minimise disruption caused during the

work, however, unforeseen circumstances or weather

may impact the start and finish times listed above.

The reference number for this outage is:


2) Details of planned outage (see map 2)

Start: 8:00am on 18 Sep 2021

Finish: 3:00pm on 18 Sep 2021

Duration: 7 hours

*Our aim is to minimise disruption caused during the

work, however, unforeseen circumstances or weather

may impact the start and finish times listed above.

The reference number for this outage is:


Generic message accompanying these two notices is:

Dear resident,

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we upgrade the electricity network for homes and businesses within your area. Temporary interruption to your electricity supply is critical for improving grid reliability, connecting new customers and keeping economic activity continuing in NSW.

We understand the added inconvenience caused by COVID-19, especially as more people work from home. That’s why we are doing everything we can to reduce the length of the interruption during this difficult period.

We may need access to your meter board to allow for testing but you do not need to be home to provide this access. We apologise for the inconvenience and we thank you for your patience while we complete this critical work.

The interruption to your power supply is needed for:

Urgent electrical pole replacement or repair


For more information about the outage,

please contact Ausgrid on:

• 131 388 (after hours)

• 131 365 (9:00am – 4:30pm Monday to Friday)


We recommend you take some basic precautions before

and during the interruption:

• Ensure mobile devices are fully charged.

• Unplug or switch off appliances or sensitive

electronic equipment including water pumps and three

phase motors associated with air conditioning units

and lifts.

• Make sure that any alarms operate correctly without

mains power.

• Avoid opening fridges or freezers during the


• You do not need to switch off or adjust any solar


• For further information on appropriate food

storage refer to:



Ausgrid is permitted to interrupt the supply of electricity in accordance

with the applicable laws. This notice has been prepared to comply with

Rules 89 and 90 of the National Energy Retail Rules, section 52 of the

NSW Electricity Supply Act and clause 10 of Ausgrid’s Deemed

Standard Connection Contract. Enquiries about planned interruptions

should be made to Ausgrid on the above numbers, not your energy


NBN UPDATE 09.09.2021

NBN outstanding external connections are complete except some properties to be resolved. The contractors have left the Island. Contact an RSP for an appointment to be connected. 

Activations are now progressing more quickly. Those showing as “In Progress” please note that the internal activations are now occurring on Tuesdays, Thursdays AND FRIDAYS so your appointment date must be made for one of those days.  If not, no one will attend.  The Friday appointments are based on demand, so please contact your RSP to confirm/secure an appointment and request the earliest date available.

NOTE: There are still many properties with “Only Activation to Go – No Order”, so if you want to be connected, please contact an RSP to secure a service ASAP.  There are too many for me to list.


Florence:   19, 55, 58, 66, 74, 78, 86,101, 125, 127

Kevin:   7

Richard:   59, 61, 73, 75, 80

Robertson:   9, 15, 30, 36, 42, 48, 53, 63, 67

Harold:   1

Thompson:   51, 55, 90, 102, 141


Florence:   11, 62

Richard:   113

Robertson:  37

Thompson:   100, 106


Florence:   3

Richard:  33, 121

Robertson:   39, 41, 43, 47

Thompson:   53, 98



·        Any CONNECTION, ORDER OR SERVICE ENQUIRIES, to contact your chosen RSP for assistance regarding your service.

·        Any BUILD ENQUIRIES (i.e. external connection), contact Scotland Island representative Cass Gye cassgye@gmail.com

·        If you feel you require further specific information that cannot be sourced from the resources above, please contact complaints@nbnco.com.au or 1800 687 626

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