Pasadena, Green waste pick-up


2 September 2021


NN.#New development application for Church Point

SIRA would like to make residents aware of a new Pasadena Application (made August 18, 2021)  to expand the area for sale and consumption of alcohol at Church Point. You can view the application here:

Individuals may wish to comment on this Development Application if you have any concerns about its impact on parking, or the possibility of the increase of alcohol consumption in the reserve. The application is still being assessed so there is no link to allow people to comment yet. However, you can still comment at this stage by emailing Put the application number in the subject line.

SIRA subcommittees

Are you passionate about the island environment? Or roads? Or Church Point? SIRA has subcommittees dealing with many local issues and all residents are welcome to join and contribute ideas and energy to achieving outcomes for the community.

If you are interested in joining any of the SIRA Subcommittees, contact the team leader using the contact details provided.

SIRAC Meeting August 29, 2021

The SIRAC meeting on August 29th was online via Zoom for the first time. The Committee would like to thank all residents who attended, and we apologise for the late notice with the link. The meeting was recorded and will be able to be viewed using the link at the bottom of the minutes for this meeting at Documents Library, SIRAC minutes once they are posted (which may be a week or more after the meeting is held).

Water and wastewater on the island

SIRA is expecting a response in October from the Minister for Water, Melinda Pavey, to its request earlier this year for a waste-water system on the island. By then Sydney Water will have reviewed the feasibility study prepared by Council.  

Residents may wish to contact Minister Pavey to emphasise the need and urgency for these works. You could voice concerns about issues with maintaining your wastewater or your concern for health or the environment.

To write to Minister Pavey, access this webpage and either attach or copy, or write directly into the form provided.

Scotland Island Garden Organics Collection

Monday September 6 2021

Scotland Island receives two manual vegetation collections per year.

Please present your vegetation in tied bundles and/or hard sided containers.  Place out a maximum of 2 cubic metres per collection per household.

Material presented in plastic, nylon or hessian bags, bulka bags, cardboard or foam boxes and untied bundles will not be collected.


  • ·       Leaf litter, prunings, and cuttings placed in hard-sided containers
  • ·       Branches, length no longer than 1.2m and 75mm thick, tied into manageable bundles with twine
  • ·       Cut up palm fronds tied and bundled
  • ·       Place materials on the roadside no later than 6am prior to collection date


  • ·       Branches larger than 1.2m and 75mm thick
  • ·       Large tree stumps
  • ·       Soil
  • ·       Painted / treated timber


Bulka bags will NOT be picked up in this collection. If you have material in bulka bags, either decant them into hard-sided containers, or engage a private contractor to remove them. 

NBN update

The following notices about NBN connections are compiled by Cass Gye and Mel Broughton from information supplied to them by NBN Co.

NBN UPDATE 26.08.2021

NBN outstanding external connections are nearing completion! Those residents who have had their lead-in cables and external box installed can now contact an RSP for an appointment to be connected.  Those still without a lead-in cable/external box will be unable to connect to NBN until this is complete.

Those showing as “In Progress” please note that the internal activations are now occurring on Tuesdays, Thursdays AND FRIDAYS so your appointment date must be made for one of those days.  If not, no one will attend.  The Friday appointments are based on demand, so please contact your RSP to confirm/secure an appointment and request the earliest date available. NBN has opened up the calendar for earlier appointment.

NOTE: There are still many properties with “Only Activation to Go – No Order”, so if you want to be connected, please contact an RSP to secure a service ASAP.  There are too many for me to list.


Florence:   1, 19, 58, 89, 101, 125, 127

Kevin:   7

Richard:   3, 9, 55, 58, 61, 71, 75

Robertson:   30, 36, 53

Thompson:   48, 73, 88, 94, 96, 98, 110, 120, 139, 141


Richard:   59, 113

Robertson:  5, 9, 40, 63

Thompson:   55, 100, 102, 106


Florence:   11, 62, 66, 74, 78, 86

Harold:   1

Richard:   33, 73, 80, 121

Robertson:   15, 37, 39, 41, 42, 43, 47, 48, 67

Thompson:   51, 53, 66



·        Any CONNECTION, ORDER OR SERVICE ENQUIRIES, to contact your chosen RSP for assistance regarding your service.

·        Any BUILD ENQUIRIES (i.e. external connection), contact Scotland Island representative Cass Gye

·        If you feel you require further specific information that cannot be sourced from the resources above, please contact or 1800 687 626