Scotland Island is abuzz with various works currently. All of these are designed to improve our standard of living into the longer term, so please be patient and continue to allow the works to progress as smoothly and without hindrance as possible.


There are continuing works on the island roads for the foreseeable future. NBN will manage traffic and notify residents where and when appropriate with signage. Please be aware of and follow the guidance given. It can be difficult to send out accurate information in advance of road closures as the location of work can vary on a daily basis. Please just be aware of and respect any signage, closures and detours.


Work has progressed with the undersea cable and clean up operations have begun at Harold Reserve and Carols Wharf/beach. The carpark will be made fully available through Christmas and the summer school holidays. We are waiting on further details from Ausgrid in relation to the timing of these activities.

Power Outages

There have been several power outages over a variety of sections on the island. SIRA News will continue to remind residents of outages when they are to affect a major portion of the island but it is difficult to detail all outages, especially when specific house numbers are listed. Please use the Ausgrid Power Outages Map to see upcoming outages and if they will impact on your residence.


Various roadworks are being attended to by council. Please do not cross any barriers or taped off sections to allow the works to continue smoothly and effectively.

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