Council have extended their feedback period for their 2020-2024 Delivery Plan. This is your chance to let council know what needs to be done by them.

SIRA is requesting that you add your personal voice to council as the more responses, the more will be done. SIRA will continue to advocate for the island, but we will be much more successful if local and individual voices are adding their requests. Please do not assume that SIRA alone can work on any issues or that because SIRA is advocating, that you do not have to also let council know of any jobs that require doing.

You have one week, through until the 22nd of June, to let council know of ANY issues and improvements that they can make. These do not have to be fixing current services/facilities, but can be absolutely anything. A new service, new capital works, improvements to an area or changes of services.

To make your submissions, please email and please CC so that SIRA can also track your request.

If you would like, you can use the text at the bottom of this message as a template to assist your submission. Of course amend it as you see fit, add your comments and your name.

So please, make use of this rare opportunity to get what YOU want! A whinge on social media may be cathartic, but an e-mail submission from you will go further towards being productive.


Dear Northern Beaches Council,

I am writing to make a submission on the draft Delivery Program for the council for 2020-2024.

My comments and suggestions are:

In addition, I have the following comments/suggestions in relation to the draft fees and charges:

I also have the following comments/suggestions on the COVID-19 support packages:

Thank you for your consideration on these important matters.

Kind regards,

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